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Sky Lease

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Sky Lease


Skyglow proudly introduces SkyLease !!!!! Skylease is a program targeting existing experienced dairy farmers and industry practitioners. The aim is to allow farmers to lease livestock from Skyglow for an agreed duration. The program is aimed at capacity building of small to medium size farm holdings by facilitating scale and scope equilibrium through economically rational use of available capital. Should you be interested in discussing SKYLEASE with us, please contact us by completing the form below to register your interest.


Sky-Check is a tool developed in house which allows any field technician from Skyglow to take a 'snapshot' of the overall performance of the farm, primarily focusing on production and its financial well being. Data is gathered by way of answering 15-20 questions and information derived from analyzing this data helps Skyglow generate an accurate picture of the farms current status. With this information Skyglow will be able to assist in improving the performance of any farm.

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