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Dairy and General Farm Advice


Specializing in all aspects of Dairy, Goat and Beef feedlot farming, Skyglow can help pinpoint problem areas even before real damage is done. This may range from the design of yards to the decision to move animals into a different area where external and often "hidden" dangers such as diseases or parasites may be present. Having an off farm opinion about particular management practices will give sight to farm operators over things that they were not able to see before.


Equipped with a facility that produces high quality feed for cattle, goats and poultry, Skyglow is confident in providing the best advice in ruminant nutrition. The facility produces a range of feeds to suit any particular circumstance or scenario such as feed suitable for lactating as well as dry cows that differ in Energy and Protein content suited to that animal. The feeds are not pelletized, making them highly suited for the production of TMR (Total Mixed Ration) whereby the farmer will add chopped up farm grown grass to the feed and Enerlac to produce a homogenous mix of highly nutritious feed and each and every mouthful is always the same. Skyglow's flagship and truly unique product is Enerlac, a sticky full of sugar energy booster which allows the TMR machine to mix and binds the loose feed particles together nicely.

Pasture & housing

Every farming project is unique and has different requirements. Having involved in the design and construction of large scale dairy farm project and various other smaller farms around Malaysia, Skyglow can help to choose a grass or legume pasture, soil treatment and pre plant fertilizers that are best suited to the soil types and climatic conditions and assist with shed designs and other aspects for any farming project.

Cow comfort is often overlooked or not considered important, however it is of critical importance to achieve maximum production. Pure bred Friesian cows and even cross-breds are simply not suited to the tropics as their comfort zone is somewhere between 6 and 18 degrees C. Anything above that causes heat stress which in turn reduces feed intake and therefore affects milk production. The more a cow can eat, the more milk she is able to produce but eating more in itself requires energy to digest this feed, causing a vicious cycle that generates internal body heat. It is therefore important that a farmer can manage the environmental conditions around the cow. Fans in conjunction with a water spray work extremely well. Have a look at some pics in the gallery where cows respond remarkably well to some water spray plus a fan. Just imagine, one extra Kg of dry matter feed intake at 12 M/j per Kg of energy equals over 2 litres of milk. Well worth considering when designing a new project or improving an existing farm.

Farm Business Management Advice


Feeding and general herd management is among the few important aspects of a farming business. Having visited 35 dairy farms under the Malaysian EPP13 programme, we have gathered in-valuable information of the economic performance of a cross section of dairy enterprises in this country. Combine this with our experience and expertise, Skyglow will be able to provide advice that will improve any farm.


Another important aspect of managing a farm often overlooked by farm operators is the financial condition of the farm. This is the main reason why a lot of farms struggle to increase their capacity. Skyglow can help by giving key constructive advice for farm operators to manage their finances better and help negotiating with potential lenders. Skyglow can provide a total farm analysis and financial review service including detailed technical opinions from our own team of in house experts as well as our team overseas based associates and other dairy farm experts. For new farm projects, farm operators will find services from Skyglow to be in-valuable as we will help with forecasting budgets which will include any farm related income and expenditure to ensure that the lender will feel comfortable to extend the most suitable credit line for the new project..



Skyglow can conduct both group and individual training sessions at any level of farm management or involvement. Group training sessions can be arranged lasting 1 or even 5 days and topics covered include everything from reproduction to nutrition and milk harvesting techniques. Our associate Dr John Moran has compiled a comprehensive textbook covering 21 lessons that deal with every aspect of dairy farming.