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Our Products

All of our formulated feeds and pre-mixes contain all essential Vitamins and Minerals.

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Enerlac, our flagship product, is a thickish liquid that is full of highly digestible energy that will ensure an increase in milk production and live weight gain. Packing more energy than Molasses in every drop of Enerlac means you are buying more ENERGY. Lowering the cost of ENERGY and increasing the milk production can mean a difference in making profit or loss of a farm. Packed in an easy to carry 50 Litres drum, it is suitable for any form of transport and farm situation.

This feed is primarily designed for beef feedlot and goats/sheep, which is higher in protein and balanced with the right amount of energy. The presence of essential trace minerals and vitamins ingredients that would normally be available in open range situations but not in the confines of a farm using just concentrate feeds, means the livestock will have what they need for steady growth.

Sky Milk Maker is our answer to Dairy Cattle formulations. High in starch, protein and energy makes Sky Milk Maker a guaranteed milk booster. The last Lab report showed a Protein content of 17.3, ME was 13.3 and TDN measured 86.3%

Sky Milk is a milk replacer imported from Holland. The manufacturer, Denkavit have been around for over 50 years and their Calf and Goat milk replacers are exported all over the world . It is an extremely cost effective way to feed a calf or young goat the milk proteins that are essential in the first 4 to 6 weeks of life.

Sky Muesli is a feed specially designed for young animals. It is high in protein, energy and course fibre to ensure early rumen development. It is fed from day 4 onwards together with Sky Milk (CMR). By the time of weaning the young animals rumen is sufficiently well developed to easily handle the transition from liquid to solid food.

Sky Straw is imported Wheaten straw from Australia. Young calves and kids will nibble this from 4 days after being born. It is an essential component to ensure early rumen development.

Sky Lyte is our electrolyte product. It contains all the essential minerals that are lost very rapidly once scouring commences. Any calf or kid that stops drinking milk or water must be fed this product to avoid rapid de-hydration and imminent death.

Skyglow produces starter and grower feeds for chickens, ducks and other poultry. These feeds are much higher in Protein as this is a birds' principle nutrient requirement. Presence of other essential amino acids such as Metheonine and Lycine and others also ensures a bird will obtain a full range of essential macro and trace minerals and vitamins.

Skyglow supply a range of farm related equipment such as Feed Mixers, Cattle Crushes and Weigh Platforms both locally produced and imported. This includes rubber mats, milk chiller vessels, milking equipment etc.

Tapioca has traditionally been an excellent choice as a high energy feed for chickens and duck and also as high starch feed additive for ruminants. Skyglow import this product in pellet form from Vietnam and combined with our standard range of feeds does very well for milk production in cattle and goats.