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Who are we

Skyglow Enterprises Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian registered company that specializes in livestock, more specifically ruminant livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep. The company focuses on grassroots development strategy aimed at inculcating a Best Practices Culture within the local farm setting through knowledge transfer and capacity building. The company’s motto “We Will Walk With You” resonates this philosophy in every task undertaken or decision made.

Our History

Skyglow was established in year 2001. Headed by Jan Brouwer, an expat Aussie, the company has become well known in Malaysian Dairy and Beef Feedlot circles. In 2009 we started our feed mill and have been making various specialised ruminant feeds ever since.

We commenced our manufacturing in a small rented factory unit on the outskirts of Klang. Within a few months we also rented the unit next door, but even with that extra addition we still did not have enough space.

We moved to our current location in Subang Jaya where we occupy a 15,000 sq feet double story factory. This has made life a lot easier for us, but still at times space is an issue. We have expanded our product range considerably, bought a new mixer and invested in equipment to speed up the production of Enerlac. We have committed to buying a pelletiser and as soon as that is commissioned we will add a new product SDCP, yes you guessed it Sky Dairy Cattle Pellets to our range.

Over the past 18 months we have become involved in a number of interesting projects. One of those is a consultancy to a large scale dairy farm, the other is our appointment as consultants for the design and construction of a substantial dairy project. And more recently we have become the importers of hundreds of dairy animals for the Malaysian Governments EPP 13 project. This project is aimed to fast track the further development of the dairy industry. Over the past few months we have also imported some 300 Saanen Dairy goats that have by now adapted well to their new tropical environment.

SKYGLOW was undergoing an internal transformation in preparation for enhancing its product/services offering. During this period the organization experienced a growth spurt that required it to seriously reevaluate the market dynamics being created by restrictions in live cattle imports from Australia. Since SKYGLOWS primary focus had remained on Dairy Cattle, these restrictions did not adversely affect the company’s performance. On the contrary it created a new opportunity which culminated in the launch of “Rent a Cow” scheme. This scheme targets experienced farmers with small to medium sized herds and facilitating their growth by making available animals on a “rental” basis”. This has been received by farmers with great enthusiasm as it enables them to utilize available resources more efficiently.

Our dedicated Team

Jan Willem Brouwer

Jan Willem Brouwer and his predecessors have a long history in dairy farming, in fact there was a Jan Willem Brouwer who appears in the family history book as being a Vee Handelaar way back in 1693 and to this date there are many Brouwer dairy farmers not just in Holland but pretty well all over the world.

Since leaving his native Holland in the early 70’s he has always been involved in agriculture, ranging from being a station hand on the Nullarbor plains in Australia to livestock production and horticultural experience in vegetable and fruit production in Western Australia.

Jan is a practical man and in the field of tropical dairy farming he has over the years gathered an extensive network of like-minded colleagues with the aim to improve the economic standing of especially small holder dairy farmers in the tropics.

Heinrich Strauss

Heinrich Strauss is a German National; he studied applied Physics and has a Diploma in Engineering. He has more than 30 years experience working in leading technical positions, managing construction projects for Hi-Tech applications in the USA, China and Germany.

With his focus on “Specification, Quality and Price”, Heinrich has a keen eye for detail and is extremely meticulous, which are important aspects in the agricultural industry especially when dealing with live animals that allows no room for compromise.

Considering the skills and experience Heinrich has, allows him to prepare technical specifications along with project plans and 2D & 3D drawings, to satisfy the requirements of projects of any size.

His past involvement in agricultural projects includes dairy farming, milk storage as well as milk processing, biogas, farm buildings and any farm related equipment and this makes Heinrich an essential member of the team.

Dr. John Bernard Moran

Dr John Moran is the Director of Profitable Dairy Systems, an international consulting business specialising in dairy production technology and farm business management for small holder and large scale dairy farmers and advisers. He lived in Indonesia (from 1976 to 1980) while managing the cattle research program for the joint Australia-Indonesian Livestock Research Centre at Bogor in West Java. He then conducted applied research and extension in dairy nutrition and business management in Victoria (Australia) until his retirement in 2011. He now undertakes international dairy consulting throughout South and East Asia.

During his many trips to Asia, he and his team conducted over 100 capacity building workshops and programs in tropical dairy production technology. He has written 5 books and many technical publications on many aspects of tropical dairy farming. John is currently the Coordinator of FAO's Small Holder Dairy Development programme which involves coordinating the capacity building for small holder dairy farmers and advisers in Thailand, Bangladesh and Myanmar He has consulted for operators of large dairy farms in Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, in addition to undertaking dairy consultancies throughout SE Asia, in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines.

Dr. Steve Sutherland

Dr Steve Sutherland is a ruminant nutritionist with extensive experience in South East Asia, having worked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He has a deep understanding of feed resources available within the various countries and locations in the region.

With such detailed geographical knowledge, he has been appointed as consultant for various beef and dairy feedlots, as well as breeding projects for cattle, goats and sheep ranging from intensive farming environments or more extensive palm oil plantations and pasture based production systems.

Dr Steve always works with simple and robust feeding systems, to maintain animal health and productivity, and together with his excellent communication skills he is able to teach nutrition concepts at any level, from scientists to farm managers and farm workers.

Anthony John Portman (Tony)

Tony has over 30 years experience in horticultural production and marketing with long term postings in Pakistan, Yemen, United Kingdom , United Arab Emirates, Syria, Fiji, India, China, Cambodia and Australia.

He has extensive work experience in the management of “market led” horticultural production projects and management of regional “Research and Extension Services”. Apart from experience in production and marketing, he is an experienced trainer who has received certification from various international organisation. He has conducted Adult Learning and growers skills training.

Among some of his work are Analysis and Implementation of Value Chains, including Rapid Market Appraisals, Developing and Implementing Marketing Strategies (Domestic and International).